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Do you know which selling activities are predictive of success or failure? Gryphon Knows!

As a manager, how do you balance the need to provide your reps the flexibility they demand, while creating a culture of accountability and obtaining what you need to coach, train, establish a benchmark of success and get better every day?

Sales managers are finding it increasingly difficult to create accurate sales forecasts based on incorrect or missing information and inaccurate CRM sales data.

With Gryphon, manage a team of salespeople to an accurate standard in today’s highly mobile, decentralized world, where important customer communications can happen almost anywhere, on any device!


Real-Time Goal Tracking and Rep Accountability

With real-time access to accurate network-captured call details from any phone, you can compare phone-based activity performance across locations, teams and reps to establish a benchmark of behaviors (number of calls, contacts, appointments) proven to drive results across your entire sales force.

Secure Cloud Call Tracking & Recording

Gryphon allows you to leverage the power of high-quality call recording for reps calling from any device, anywhere. Delivered via the Gryphon Secure Cloud with built-in security, no lengthy hardware, IT administration or special dial-in line. When combined with Gryphon Target Speech Analytics, you can turn call audio into actionable insights and reduce training time by up to 30%.

  • Showcase the conversations of your top performers
  • Remediate problem behaviors quickly and decisively
  • Ensure script adherence
  • Analyze and align with your customer sentiment



Automated Activity Logging

Companies spend more than $20B on CRM systems each year and studies show a sales rep spends about four hours per week manually updating their CRM activity logs, which are only about 40% accurate.

That’s a lot of money to be spending on such a high degree of inaccuracy. Gryphon Sales Intelligence integrates with your CRM system, captures all phone-based activity right in the network automatically to eliminate the VISIBILITY GAP between rep activity and closed revenue.

This provides the accuracy needed to forecast properly while also giving sales reps more time daily to talk to customers instead of updating their activity in the CRM.

Targeted Speech Analytics

Gryphon Target Speech Analytics delivers qualitative insight into your rep’s customer conversations.

Understand the often-missing context from sales conversations that provides a holistic picture of the behaviors of both your agents and your customers. Target Speech Analytics gives you insight into prospect mood, confidence, rep script adherence, as well as the keywords and phrases that get results, whether the results be good or bad, during phone-based interactions. Now you can better understand how some reps connect and others don’t when on the phone with a customer.


Gryphon Sales Performance Dashboard

An Intelligent Approach to Managing Your Sales Team


Universal Access - Capture Call Activity From Any Phone Or Device

MANAGE your remote sales team like they were in a centralized call center.

Visualize Your Sales Productivity On-Demand

Gain unprecedented insight into your organization’s sales performance across regions, offices, or individual sales reps.

Still not convinced?

Gryphon Speech Analytics

Calls made from any phone or device can be recorded for quality assurance or regulatory compliance to improve sales and marketing effectiveness, troubleshoot issues and reduce risk.

Visualize Your Sales Productivity On-Demand

Gryphon delivers accurate sales productivity metrics through cloud-based intelligence that lies in the path of every call. Call activity data is automatically captured and securely recorded through simple keypad tags, giving you unprecedented insight into your organization’s phone-based sales performance across regions, offices, or individual reps.

Multiply Desired Outcomes by Promoting the Behaviors and Activities that Drive Them!

How Effective Is Your Sales Team?

Watch & Learn How Your Sales Team Can Increase Their Sales Performance by 20%

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Gryphon App for CRM – Salesforce Edition

Studies show that sales activity CRM data, often central to company forecasting and sales planning, is only about 40% accurate. If you’re craving ACCURATE visibility into the phone-based performance of your agents, Gryphon’s App for CRM-Salesforce is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Key Features

  • Alleviate manual data entry and rely on rich call activity reports. 

  • Automatic call logging ensures data accuracy.
  • Gain visibility into valuable KPIs like the number of calls your sales reps make and their average talk time.

  • At the end of each call, agents can designate any number of call result dispositions right from their keypad. 

  • Manage sales activity for phone, email, postal, and SMS/Text marketing.

  • Embedded compliance with company-specific business rules or regulations.

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