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Gryphon Real-Time Sales Intelligence

Gain Insight into Your Organization’s Sales Performance Across Regions, Offices, or Sales Reps In Real-Time!

Do You Know Which Selling Activities are Predictive of
Success or Failure? Gryphon Does!

As a manager, how do you balance the need to provide your reps the flexibility they demand, while creating a culture of accountability and obtaining what you need to coach, train, establish a benchmark of success and get better every day?

Sales managers are finding it increasingly difficult to create accurate sales forecasts based on incorrect or missing information and inaccurate CRM sales data. In today’s highly mobile, decentralized world, where customer communications happen just about anywhere, you can manage your team to an accurate standard through Gryphon!

Gryphon Sales Intelligence System 

Gain unprecedented insight into your organization’s phone-based sales and support conversations across regions, offices, or individual reps.

Secure Cloud Recording

Record sales conversations from any phone or device for training, coaching or auditing. You can also reduce training and onboarding times by 30%.

Gryphon Speech Analytics

Gryphon Speech Analytics delivers missing context from sales conversations that provide a holistic picture of your sales effectiveness.

Gryphon Sales Performance Dashboard

The Gryphon Sales Performance Dashboard delivers accurate real-time sales insight to improve coaching, optimize training and grow revenue.

Gryphon Universal Access

Capture your sales reps’ call details through Gryphon’s Secure Cloud Platform, without changing, carrier, device or your normal sales process.

Gryphon App for CRM

Get Improved Call Data From Your CRM such as the number of calls made, average talk time and call results for custom reporting.

What Our Clients Say About Gryphon Sales Intelligence

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My favorite part about using the Gryphon system is the groove that I get into when I am making phone calls. I don’t have to hang up and I can track what each phone call said quickly after they hang up. The DNC service has saved me a lot of money in potential lawsuits as well.


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Brock W.

I love its efficiency to see how productive I’m actually being. How effective I am on the phone if I’m keeping people on the phone. Even how long it takes to set up an appointment which is my ultimate goal. Love how it shows if I take a break after a call or if I keep on working through the pain. Great for tracking not only numbers of outgoing dials but performance and time use as well.


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Austin B.

The power to monitor the work done. Allows to control the number of calls, the time invested in each one, and especially the average Vs number of calls made. Also, review an earlier period with a new one and measure personal performance.


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Adriana S

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