Gryphon Sales Performance Dashboard Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Gryphon a CRM system or does Gryphon integrate with my CRM?

Gryphon is standalone cloud telephony platform that can integrate with CRM systems. Gryphon captures all agent telephone activity at the network level and processes the result sets in an intuitive dashboard as well as logging back to CRM records automatically.  This will give you the insight you need as a manager to enhance your team’s sales performance.

How long does it typically take to get started with Gryphon?

Agent access to Gryphon can be set up within a couple of days. We will work with your team to set specific call activity goals and configure the management dashboard. Throughout the process, you will work hand and hand with a client success manager to ensure the process proceeds smoothly.


My reps don’t have calling quotas. Do you need an established calling strategy in order to see the benefits of Gryphon?

Not at all.  Many Gryphon clients start out without an understanding of what reps are doing each day.  If your reps don’t have calling quotas, Gryphon’s dashboards will give you the insight into your team’s activities to help you establish benchmarks for your team. Once you get a handle on your team’s activities and what is really happening opposed to what they say is happening, you’ll have a better understanding of your sales cycle and what behaviors are indicative of success, specific to your organization.

How is Gryphon helpful if my reps don’t cold-call?

Your reps don’t have to cold call to benefit from Gryphon – As long as they use the phone for outreach or incoming communications to customers and prospects, Gryphon can capture the call data in an automatic fashion and help you make sense of it in real time.  If you can accurately capture your teams daily phone activities and apply it to coaching and training – you will positively affect your team’s performance and increase revenue consistently.

Who has access to my team’s calling data?

Based on your role within the organization, you will receive a customized view of performance against your specific goals and objectives. You can also customize who has access to your team’s calling data and to what level. You can also grant access to agents to see their data as well.

How does Gryphon work with existing or employee-owned phones?

Gryphon works with any device, anywhere. There are many access methods when using Gryphon Sales Intelligence System provides Universal Access to enable calling from their cell phone, branch office, PC or MAC as well as right from CRM with click-to-dial.  They can use any combination of access and activity will roll up to a consolidated activity viewpoint.

Do you have a mobile app for reps that are not seated in an office?

There is an app for iOS and Android users that agents can access through the app store.

Can I use my existing telephone carrier or ip-PBX system with Gryphon?

Yes, we are carrier independent. We can work with any IP-based telephony.

How can Gryphon ensure the highest call quality?

Gryphon’s Secure Cloud Engine is a tier-1 carrier grade telephony platform.  It is built and maintained to the highest standard of connectivity, performance and audio quality.  Unlike many click-to-dial VoIP services, Gryphon has been tested to function in the most demanding calling environments among dozens of Fortune 50 enterprise clients who rely heavily on the telephone to generate revenue.

Does Gryphon’s Sales Dashboard support email?

Gryphon’s Sales Dashboard is purpose-built to improve the phone-based effectiveness of agents.  We focus on the phone channel because it is the most challenging marketing channel to tackle due to variance of carriers, devices and regulatory restrictions.  Because we integrate with CRM, clients can obtain a holistic view of all activity that includes accurate reliable telephony and other best-of-breed tools for email, mail and meeting data.


How do you prove ROI?

Gryphon delivers ROI from three sources: 

  • Increased rep effectiveness
  • Increased client retention
  • Reduced time to onboard and train

Once you have activity benchmarks in place and understand the behaviors that are predictive of success you can manage to a standard of activity.  You will see the behavior of your top performers, ensure outreach to clients to build the one-to-one relationship and better hire and onboard more efficiently.   We guarantee 20% improvement in average rep effectiveness and that is just the start of the value clients receive from application of the Gryphon approach.

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