Gryphon provides a app that enables Click-to-Dial and automatic call logging of call activity without manual input. Call data such as the number of calls made, average talk time, call result (set an appointment, follow up, etc.) are available for custom reports or dashboard viewing and can be incorporated into pipeline and revenue targets to prove 360-degree visibility to agent performance. CTI Integration

With one click, users can quickly execute calls and campaigns without having to leave the Salesforce interface.

Built-in Business Rules & Call Center Compliance

Do you have reason to restrict calling for any reason – such as prohibiting a rep from calling out of their region? If so, Gryphon lets you create business rules that block calls according to your requirements. Or, if your calling campaigns are subject to Federal and State privacy regulations, Gryphon offers the only bullet-proof compliance solution available, even indemnifying you against any legal claims or fines.

Intuitive Do-Not-Call Status

In addition to the Salesforce Click-to-Dial icon, Gryphon displays simple indicators that immediately tell your rep if a number is blocked or allowed. Gryphon gives you 100% warranted protection built right into Salesforce.

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