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Gryphon Universal Access – the Key to Unlocking Sales Effectiveness for Phone-Based Agents

Gryphon Universal Access enables a sales agent to place work-related telephone calls from any phone without changing their carrier, device or normal process. When using a Gryphon enabled device, managers know their team’s call detail will be captured through Gryphon’s Secure Cloud platform and visible in a real-time on Gryphon’s Sales Performance Dashboard, no matter where their agents are physically located or what device is used.

Agents can dial a phone number and have their call be certified and connected to their clients and prospects with no latency or additional dialing. All call details are auto-logged within the Gryphon Cloud and CRM. Enhanced telephony functionalities like call recording, Speech Analytics, pre-call disclosure whispers and keypad dispositions are included. Managers have full, automatic visibility within their Sales Performance Dashboard in real-time.

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Mobile App for iOS / Android

The Gryphon Mobile Dialer operates identically to a mobile device’s native dialer. With an easy iPhone or Android application download, agents can launch the Gryphon app on their smart phone and simply enter a work-related phone number — separate from the device’s native dialer used for personal calls — and the call can be certified for compliance and will be connected to a client or prospect with no latency or additional steps.

Softphone for PC / MAC

The Gryphon Dialer is a softphone application, or virtual telephone, that can be downloaded and loaded onto an agent’s PC or Laptop. When starting a calling session, agents simply launch the Gryphon softphone and dial their work-related phone numbers using a USB headset. Calls can be certified for compliance and will be connected to a client or prospect with no latency or additional steps.

Click-to-Dial from CRM

Gryphon offers a managed CRM package available through the AppExchange that allows agents to compliantly and efficiently call their clients and prospects using standard Lead, Opportunity, Contact and Account objects, as well as Custom object support. Gryphon’s integration includes Click-to-Dial functionality so that users can call directly through CRM and automatically log that calling activity against the individual records, making it easy to consume Sales Intelligence reporting and marketing privacy compliance tools. Gryphon can incorporate its Click-to-Dial capabilities into any CRM.

In-Network Outbound/Inbound

Direct Inbound/Outbound integration allows for simple, pick-up-the-phone access from VoiP office phones through the Gryphon Secure Cloud platform as well as the seamless capture of inbound call backs to an agent.

800 Access

Gryphon provides dial-in access for agents making outbound calls, regardless of physical location. Agents dial an assigned Network Access Number, or (8xx) number, and Personal Identification Number (PIN) and they are connected to the Gryphon platform. Once a calling session is established, callers simply enter the 10 digit telephone number to be dialed and the call is connected effortlessly. Dial tone can be re-originated during the same session using the telephone keypad so that an agent does not have to log off and then log back in.

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