The Customizable Sales Management Dashboard

The design principle behind Gryphon’s Sales Performance Dashboard is simplicity. We wanted to make it easy to understand and easy for managers to get the insight they need quickly. Managers can then take that information to coach and train their reps using quantifiable data as their baseline.

A Window into Your Sales Team’s Performance

Sales activity is predictive of success. The Gryphon Sales Performance Dashboard intuitively displays the KPIs that matter – your reps’ phone-based activity, gap-to-goal status and more – and delivers accurate insight in real-time to improve coaching, optimize training, and grow revenue.

Real-Time Goal Tracking and Rep Accountability

100% accurate call data captured from any device empowers you to compare sales performance across locations, teams and reps and establish a benchmark of activity (# of calls, contacts, appointments) proven to drive results across your entire sales force.

Targeted Speech Analytics

Gryphon’s Targeted Speech Analytics delivers often missing context from conversations that provide a holistic picture of your sales effectiveness. With insight into prospect mood, rep script adherence and keywords and phrases that get results during phone-based interactions, you can better understand why some reps convert and others don’t.

Manage Your Team With Real-Time Sales Metrics

Gryphon G-Score

See Key Sales Metrics Aggregated

The Gryphon G-Score is a percentage that reflects top-line sales efficiency by combining your most important sales KPIs into one critical score and trend over time. A G-Score that exceeds 100 indicates goals are being surpassed.

Call Attempt Frequency

How Many Times Are Your Reps Calling Prospects?

With Gryphon, you can measure and track frequency to ensure your team isn’t burning valuable leads and adhering to company best practices.

Total Calls

Are Your Reps Making The Correct Number Of Calls?

See how many calls your reps are actually going to make their goal. The Total Calls widget reports the total number of call attempts made compared to the desired goal. View day, week, month, quarter and year.

Total Contacts

How Many Contacts Are Your Reps Really Making?

Accurately track and set benchmarks for your sales team to make sure they are having the necessary number of conversations that lead to the desired goal on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Visualize Your Sales Productivity On-Demand

Gryphon delivers accurate sales productivity metrics through cloud-based intelligence that lies in the path of every call. Call activity data is automatically captured and securely recorded giving sales managers unprecedented insight into their organization’s phone-based sales activities.

Packed Full Of Features Sales Managers Love!

“I am able to call my prospects and get details about all of the calls right on my dashboard. The DNC service is very beneficial and even allows you to see the potential fines that you have avoided using Gryphon.”  

Adam Mott – Gryphon Client

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