Record Any Call From Any Phone

Turn previously inaccessible information—call audio data—into a wealth of actionable insights with a secure cloud service that captures phone-based conversations for training, targeted coaching or audit purposes. Reduce training time by up to 30% and automatically redact sensitive information to ensure privacy and compliance.

Gryphon’s Secure Cloud Call Recording requires no lengthy hardware implementation or IT administration:

  • Record agent sales and service calls made from any phone, anywhere
  • Ensure script adherence and compliance for distributed or field agents
  • Set pre-call whispers for real-time status and rules
  • Record calls on-demand with no special dial-in line
  • Capture carrier-grade audio recordings
  • Securely store all audio in the Cloud
  • Enable Speech Analytics for on-demand individual insight

To get insight into 100% of your team’s conversation performance, call us today: 866-366-6822.

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