It’s not enough to know that your agents are simply making the right number of dials; advanced sales analytics can provide far greater insight into a team’s productivity and effectiveness. With call recording and speech analytics, it’s far easier for managers to recognize and reward top talent based on hard data, and provide targeted training and support for struggling agents. Instead of a team with one or two stars, managers can build teams of star performers, vastly improving their team’s productivity and effectiveness and the company’s bottom line. Sales managers can’t achieve any of these benefits using basic call accounting tools alone.

Instead of focusing on number of dials made or times the phone rang, companies can use call recording and speech analytics to analyze the far more important metrics by tracking what happens after a phone rings.

Here are three powerful tools call recording with speech analytics provide sales managers:

Lead Scoring

When recording every call agents make, speech analytics tools can track known indicators of high, or low, quality leads such as designated words or phrases, the percentage of silence on a call, or the rate of speech and score prospects appropriately. That allows agents to prioritize leads for follow up, and focus on the best leads first, instead of chasing down every lead only to discover most were casual inquiries.

Call Results

Most importantly, speech analytics can help managers figure out why some calls convert and others don’t and why some agents perform better than others. Companies can set words or phrases to trigger push alerts, such as a confirmation number, immediately notifying managers of a conversion.

By the same token, triggers can provide managers with clues as to why a given agent isn’t converting high quality leads. For example, advanced speech analytics can track adherence to an established script and report an aggregate score in almost real-time. Managers can intervene immediately if an agent who is missing too many opportunities is varying too much from an approved script. Additionally, managers can be notified immediately of a prospect’s competitive mention or sensitivity to fees and other charges.

Emotion Alerts

When it’s not the specific words that are causing agents to miss opportunities, but rather their emotional state or their reactions to the emotional state of a prospect, call recording with speech analytics can quantify otherwise completely unattainable data. Tone, rate of speech, volume, and silence percentage are all valuable clues as to how an agent was interacting with a lead and what additional training might be necessary to improve that agent’s outcomes. In addition, if many leads are confused or frustrated on the phone, perhaps there’s a problem with an outbound marketing campaign; managers can use data to adjust the campaign accordingly and improve the quality of the leads his or her team are chasing down.

Sales managers can only be as effective as the tools at their disposal, and modern-day call recording software makes advanced speech analytics possible. The only way to stay competitive in today’s competitive marketplace is to supplement basic call accounting tools with real-time reporting.

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